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New feature: Influencer shortlist

You can now create and share influencer shortlists on dyzio, making it easy to curate, propose and approve influencers, before the campaign and creative process kicks off.

From your 'My Influencers' database you can now search, filter and add influencers to a new shortlist. This shortlist can then be used to share a list of influencers that you'd like to propose for a new campaign, with either your internal teams or externally to a client. 

Searching for Influencer Marketing ROI

Everyone is talking about it, most brands have tried it, but how do you know if influencer marketing really delivers a bang for your buck? When looking at a new industry or channel, robust and industry-agreed metrics don’t exist — think back to the early days of social media — but basic marketing principles still stand.

Getting to know Rose & Rosie

So how do you engage a young female audience, in the UK or US? Well look no further than Youtube stars, Rose & Rosie. Their first collaboration was in 2012 and over the last 5 years they've built up a loyal and growing fanbase (1.3m Youtube subscribers between them!), so they really understand how to create engaging and just damn funny content - both their own and also for brands.

Q&A with cooking Creator 'Topless Baker'

In this post we chat with food and cooking Creator, Matt Adlard, aka Topless Baker. Topless Baker is all about making cooking more approachable and making those recipes that seem daunting, really easy. In this interview Matt talks about the challenges of being a new Creator, the benefits for brands when working with smaller (micro) creators and also his thoughts on how brands should work with Creators, to get the best results from their influencer marketing campaigns and budgets.

The Wonderful Web of YouTuber Collaborations

We thought it would be interesting to try and map out how the YouTube creator community are connected to each other in the UK - by looking at who has collaborated with who in their videos. Little did we know what a mammoth task this would be, but after several days of hard work our team created the wonderful web of UK YouTube collaborators image below.

How to write a winning Influencer Marketing creative brief

Working with Influencers is a no brainer for any brand trying to connect and sell their products in today’s digital economy, especially when the product is targeted at a younger audience. But once you’ve found the perfect group of Influencers to work with - whether on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter - there can often be friction between what you want to talk about as a brand (creatively) vs what the influencers suggest you should do and more importantly, what they know is right for their audience.

Tools to help supercharge your productivity

In our short series on personal productivity we’ve shared some thoughts on daily stress busting tips and habits to help improve your Project Management skills. Although many of these ideas should be easy to try out in your day-to-day lives, it’s also just as easy to slip back into bad habits and old routines as the daily grind of work gets on top of us. But don’t be downhearted – these days we are fortunate to have access to many fantastic time saving and productivity tools, that can help to declutter your inbox, track your to-do’s, organise your research and ensure you keep on schedule and on time.

Simple habits and rituals to help level-up your Project Management skills

In our last post we looked at ‘Personal Productivity’ and shared a few ideas on how you can get the most out of your day, by focusing on your health, fitness and nutrition. In this post, we focus on Project Management – sharing some rituals and ideas you can test-out in your work life, to ensure you are maximising your productivity and creating some good habits.

From dawn till dusk – daily stress busting productivity tips

We all lead crazy hectic lives, trying to cram as much as we can into our work, social and family lives. So, while running around at 100 miles an hour, how do you keep those energy levels high and stay focused and productive? Here are our thoughts and tips on how to get the most out your day. It’s not rocket science – but hopefully some easy steps to help you keep a healthy body and a zen like state of mind.

A New Hope

Turmoil has engulfed the Workplace. The enormity of the task and the complex nature of multi-channel influencer marketing campaigns threaten the project managers very sanity.