Top 5 Jewellery Collaborations 2023

Hanna Schonberg for Monica Vinader

Our automated content tracking system surfaces thousands of great Influencer collaborations each month across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, X and YouTube.

Here are 5 of our favourite Jewellery collaborations over the last month, featuring content produced for Astrid & Miyu, Carat* London, Monica Vinader, Abbott Lyon and Daisy London.

Astrid & Miyu x nathanandgrace

The one with experiential content

Nathandgrace produced an extremely successful TikTok post inviting the audience to join them when they went to get matching permanent bracelets from the Astrid & Miyu retail shop.

This video shows that experiential content is really resonating with the audience. Giving your creators a loose brief like this allows them to bring their creativity and personality to the collaboration.

Nathandgrace have a lot of TikTok followers but this video engaged very well and beat their benchmark engagement score.

check it out below:

Monica Vinader x hannaschonberg

The stylish one

Hanna Schonberg is an Instagram and TikTok creator with a large following on both platforms. She is a model and also owns her own fashion label. In this series of posts and stories she has prominently styled the Monica Vinader bangles and also linked to them in the tagged users in the photos. The content looks amazing and the engagement rate is very good for such a large following.

Instagram creators will typically create a package of content featuring a few stories and also a gridpost or reel.

check it out below:

Abbott Lyon x Laura Hughes

The one that went viral

This TikTok from Laura Hughes performed amazingly for Abbot Lyon, demonstrating the fact that micro influencers can have a massive impact on TikTok. Laura recorded 900,000 views of this post even though she only has 5,000 followers.

check it out below:

CARAT* London x sophielouisesdiary

The one with a viral Reel?

Video content can perform really well on Instagram too. Sophie Louise has over 1 million followers on Instagram so it hasn’t performed as well as Laura’s above but it is still a fantastic result for Carat* London. The jewellery is the main feature of the video and the sentiment in the comments is overwhelmingly positive.

Sophie also produced a couple of great TikToks to go with the Instagram content. When brands work with creators with lots of followers on many platforms they can get more reach from the same content.

check it out below:

Daisy London x Marta An

The one with a classic unboxing video

In this final piece of content that we have picked out, we just see a nice and well executed jewellery unboxing video. This kind of content will be the bread and butter of a large campaign, but it engages well with the creators audience. 

The engagement is solid and the sentiment is good. Building up a large community of creators who produce great content will work wonders for your brand awareness.

check it out below: