Let creators be creative – our fav campaigns of 2018

In order to create a successful influencer campaign, it’s not only necessary to find the appropriate influencers for your brand, but also to trust influencers with content creation. If they’ve managed to catch your attention, they probably know a thing or two about how to promote your brand and they 100% know what content their audience likes to watch or read. What is key is to always stay true to your brand and partner with influencers that can promote your values without it appearing forced.

Here are three campaigns that bring the brands story life, in very different but creative ways.


The genetic testing company 23andMe have created some great marketing campaigns this year. Their campaigns tell a personal story of self-discovery by leveraging influencers to uncover their genetic heritage through 23andMe tests. A varying range of Instagram and YouTube creators, from stars to micro influencers, participated in the campaign and shared their genetic discoveries with their followers, allowing the brand to connect to a wide audience. 23andMe cleverly raised awareness of the product by adding an element of surprise when the influencers discovered their genetic heritage. The end result was a successful influencer marketing campaign that came across as both relatable and engaging to the audience.

Thanks to 23andMe for partnering with me to bring you this skit based on my REAL DNA TEST! Check it out: https://23andme.com/Lilly

https://www.23andme.com/nikigabi A lot of people are confused at the fact that we’re twins, let alone related. They’re also confused at our ethnicity, where we come from, what our parents look like, and basically.. WHY we look like this. We bring in our grandma & mom and look at DNA test results!

kiki the blond abroad


The American fashion brand Aéropostale teamed up with well-known influencer Inanna Sarkis to promote their line of jeans. She cleverly delivers the campaign by linking it to a well-known movie, Charlie’s Angels, which makes it fun and relatable. Another strong element of the video is that although the jeans are clearly the key message, it’s not over-focused but rather plays a minor part in the story being told, through creative editing. Inanna and the other two girls in the video are given the names Norma, Cheeky and Flex, which are all names of jeans in the Aéropostale line, as well as a profession that dictate their best jean fit. Norma, being a martial artist, demonstrates the softness and flexibility of that particular style of jeans. The campaign succeeds in presenting the brand in a light-hearted and entertaining manner, whilst also getting the message of the great design and functionality element of the jeans across to the audience.


The American telecommunications company Sprint partnered up with several influencers for a recent marketing campaign. Their #LiveUnlimited campaign featured famous influencers Lele Pons, Bradley Martin, Gerard Adams, Prince Royce and Rachel Cook, all boasting over 1 million followers on Instagram with a combined following of over 30 million. Sprint kept the storyline simple, trusting the influencers with content creation by asking them to show how they #LiveUnlimited. The result was an influencer campaign that promoted Sprint in a genuine way, wrapping the campaign around each influencer and their personality, such as Lele Pon’s LATINA & PROUD statement. Rather than moulding influencers into a predefined scripted role, Sprint let each influencer be fully themselves, which is what influencer marketing really should be about.

Do you have any examples of amazing influencer campaigns in 2018. we’d love to see them? Feel free to add them to the comments below.

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