10 tactics to improve your Influencer Marketing effectiveness – part 2

Phase 2: tips to help improve your live campaign performance.

In the second part of this blog series we look at the next 5 tips to help you improve the success of your influencer marketing campaigns, once they go live. With good project management, robust data tracking and the right tools – you can deliver and optimise your campaigns to deliver real business results – not just vanity metrics.

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Tip 6) Make sure your posts don’t get deleted

We hear a growing number of reports (and we see it in our data) of influencers deleting branded collaboration posts or videos from their social media accounts – once they’ve been live for a couple of days. This can also be the case with Stories – where they get deleted before the full 24 hours is up.

Recommendation: Include in your influencer contracts that posts should not be deleted for xx number of months (6 months seems reasonable to us) and Stories need to be live for the full 24 hours.

Tip 7) Don’t post all the stories on one day

If you have agreed that an influencer is going to post a number of Stories to support your campaign, it’s important to spread these Stories out over a number of days (unless they are a series of linked Stories). This gives the influencer’s followers every chance to see at least one of the Stories – to learn about your product or service.

Recommendation: Schedule Grid Posts and Stories over several weeks, on different days, to help maximise your reach and effectiveness.

Tip 8) Keep track of all your campaign data

It may sound obvious, but the only way to evaluate and optimise all your influencer activities is to track all the data that is available to you. Option 1 is to ask each influencer to share screen shots of their insights from every post / story / video they create and post for your campaign – then add all this data to a spreadsheet. The challenge with this approach, is that it’s time consuming and the data is out of date the following day. It’s also a massive time drain if you are running large scale campaigns. If this is the only option, ensure that each influencer is contracted to provide insights several times throughout the campaign – e.g. after day one / one week / one month.

Option 2 is to find a platform that automates the tracking and reporting of all your campaign activity, in real-time. If influencer marketing or ambassador programs are going to be a core part of your marketing mix, then you should invest in a platform that covers all your tracking requirements – e.g. what social networks do you want to track / how many influencers do you work with / what data and KPIs are important to you / what other data sources do we need to cross reference (e.g. eCommerce or Google Analytics).

Recommendation: Find the right tracking tool to support your marketing and business requirements, in terms of social network coverage, data coverage and data integrations.

Tip 9) Boost the best performing posts to increase reach and ROI

If you have the tools and processes in place to track ‘real-time’ influencer ROI when your campaigns are live (e.g. Cost Per Impressions or Cost Per Engagements) – then you are missing a trick if you are not working with the influencers to boost the best performing Posts or Stories.

Boosting Posts and Stories enables you to extend the reach of your campaign, far beyond the influencers audience. And with the amazing Ad tools provided by Facebook, you can define exactly who sees the boosted Posts and where they see them. So for a extra few hundred dollars, you can extend the reach of your campaign (by 10x or 100x or more) by boosting the best performing influencer Posts and Stories – and in turn increase the conversions and sales on your website.

It takes a bit of time to get your influencers connected to your Facebook Business Manager accounts, but once they are connected you can boost their Posts directly from your Facebook Ads Manager account.

Recommendation: Boost the best performing influencer posts in your campaign, via Facebook Ads Manager, to massively increase the reach and impact of your campaigns. Click the link below, to see how Dyzio can help you track both your organic and paid data – via a Facebook Ads Manager integration.


Tip 10) Use Google Analytics to track influencer effectiveness

If you use Google Analytics to track your company’s online performance (e.g. traffic, conversions, user patterns etc.), then using UTM tracking links to support your influencer marketing campaigns is the perfect way to track directly from an influencer Post, Story or Video, through to traffic and actions on your website.

A UTM link is a unique Google tracking code that you can generate and add to the end of your company website URL (or landing page). You can generate UTM links for each influencer to use in their #Ads supporting your campaign – you can even generate different UTM links for different social channels and formats (e.g. Stories, Grid Posts, Youtube videos etc.).

Once the Influencer has added the UTM link to their Branded Posts, you can start to track traffic from each individual link on your Google Analytics Dashboard – you can track that influencer X created Y number of conversions on your website.

There are companies and tools available, to help you generate the UTM links for your influencers – and more importantly, can generate customer reports – tracking from influencer posts through to sales.

Recommendation: If you use Google Analytics to track your companies performance – then generate UTM links for each influencer, so you can track the real effectiveness of their #Ads.

Dyzio can help you seamlessly manage all the tasks listed above – from providing demographic data for the influencers you want to work with, to real-time insights, to integrations with Google Analytics or your Facebook Ads Manager.

If you’d like to discuss how dyzio can help you track from Influencer posts to conversion, and really maximise your return on investment – please get in touch.

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