Track Instagram Stories

Effortless Instagram Stories Tracking: Live Data at Your Fingertips

Are you using Instagram Stories as part of your Influencer marketing campaign? Always missing data or chasing influencers for screenshots of their branded Stories?

  • Track story data as soon as they go live using your campaign #hashtag or @mention
  • Automated tracking
  • Custom reports ready to download and share
  • Instant handle on your influencer campaign performance

Already got an account? What's next?

To track your Influencers’ Stories, follow these simple steps:

  1. Set-up your campaign and add the campaign hashtag or @mention
  2. Add your influencers who are part of the campaign
  3. Request influencer authentication (dyzio automatically sends a campaign invitation)
Once the influencers are authenticated, dyzio will scan their Instagram accounts daily, add only the relevant Stories and track the data.
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Frequently Asked Questions!

Can you see how many times someone views your Instagram Story?

Dyzio can show you both the ‘Reach’ and ‘Impressions’ from an Instagram Story. Reach is measure of the number of unique individuals who viewed the Story. Impressions is the total number of times a Story was viewed.

How do you track Instagram Stories?

Dyzio tracks Instagram Stories via Influencer authentication. You can invite an influencer to authenticate their Instagram account for a campaign, then dyzio can track posts and Stories using your campaign hashtag.

How do you view insights on Instagram Stories?

Dyzio can pull Instagram insights direct from the influencer’s Story in real-time, via authentication. The data is only live for 24 hours, so the campaign and authentication need to be live, before the Stories are posted.

How long do you have to watch an Instagram Story for it to count as a view?

Some people believe that the view count takes up to 3 seconds (like Facebook) but Story impressions are counted right away. So even if you watch the story for a second, it will be counted.

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