Dyzio Features

Grow your program with data & bespoke features that support your goals

How brands leverage influencer analytics for success

From automated campaign tracking to a true understanding of ROI for your ambassador programs across the major social networks, dyzio is packed with features to take the pain out of influencer marketing.

Influencer insights and demographics

  • Analyze campaign data in real time via a ‘My Influencers’ private database 
  • View influencer follower numbers and engagement rates
  • View influencer insights from all social channels including demographics

Automated campaign tracking and reporting

Automatically track all your influencer content, across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube - no more spreadsheets

  • Automatically track content across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook
  • Track every Instagram post and story
  • Request influencer authentication to gain richer insights
  • Shareable reports and shortlists

eCommerce integrations

Connect your eCommerce store to Dyzio’s powerful analytics platform to track all your influencers' orders and revenue. Generate discount codes at scale, boost the best performing influencers to accelerate your sales and pay your influencers based on commission, via Paypal.

  • Track orders and sales linked to each of your influencers by connecting your eCommerce platform using Dyzio’s integrations
  • Track results in real time from social through to sales
  • See which influencers are driving engagement and sales
  • Pay influencers via Paypal, based on commission you set

Facebook Ads Manager

10x your influencer marketing campaign performance by combining the power of organic and paid media. Work closely with the Dyzio team to boost the best performing influencers, to increase your reach, engagement or sales - via our Facebook Ads Manager integration.

  • Connect your Facebook Ads Manager tools to dyzio
  • Track and report your paid campaign data
  • Track total campaign paid and organic reach, impressions and engagements, in real time

Powerful Data Integrations

Power-up your influencer marketing with Dyzio's powerful integrations. From tracking influencer sales, to website traffic, to managing your data your way - we've got you covered.



eCommerce Integration


eCommerce Integration
Faecbook Ads Manager

Meta Ads Manager

Instagram Boosting Integration
Google Analytics

Google Analytics

GA data Integration
Google analytics logo

Google Data Studio

GDS Data Visualisation Integration
Google sheets logo

Google Sheets

Data export integration

Frequently Asked Questions!

We've answered the most frequently asked questions our clients have asked about Dyzio and the key features, but if you have additional questions please use the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the page.

Can I use Dyzio to find new influencers?

No, Dyzio is not an influencer search and discovery tool. You can add your own influencers to Dyzio (or import them from a spreadsheet), to create your own private influencer database, share influencer shortlists and automatically track all your influencer posts and sales.

Does Dyzio share influencers I add with other companies?

No, the influencers you add or import into Dyzio are kept 100% private, so only people with access to your Dyzio account can see them.

Can I import my influencers into Dyzio?

Yes. As part of our onboarding process, we upload your influencers to your Dyzio account from a spreadsheet or CSV file.

Which social networks does Dyzio connect to?

Dyzio connects to Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch and Telegram. Dyzio can also produce live reports of your campaigns, including engagement rate reports, campaign summary, instagram report amongst others. To find out more you can book a demo with us to address any queries you may have.

How many campaigns can I track?

There is no limit to the number of campaigns you can track on Dyzio. You can also run multiple campaigns at the same time.

Can I download reports?

All Dyzio campaign reports are live and shareable. When you open a report via the shareable link it will pull the latest available data for each post and story. Report links can be shared via email – no Dyzio login is required to view them.

What e-commerce platforms do you integrate?

Dyzio currently integrates with Shopify and Prestashop eCommerce shops. New eCommerce integrations are being added in 2023, if you have a request to support a new eCommerce platform please contact us at info@dyzio.co.

Do influencers need to connect their social accounts to Dyzio, to track their data?

No, Dyzio can find and track posts, reels, stories TikToks etc. without the influencers connecting. But if the influencers connect their channels to Dyzio it will provide richer insights, like reach and impressions.

Does Dyzio offer an Instagram Boosting service?

Yes, you can connect your Meta Ads Manager account to Dyzio. This will enable you to connect Meta Ad Campaigns to Dyzio campaigns, and include both Organic and Paid social data in your reports.

Dyzio offers a managed Boosting service. The Dyizio team will work with your influencers to connect their accounts, and then boost the best performing influencers’ content, to reach agreed KPIs for the campaign.

Does Dyzio offer a white-label option?

Yes, the white-label package includes your logo and main brand colour throughout the app and on the shareable shortlists and reports. Your white-label account is also hosted on your domain e.g. influencers.yourbrand.com.
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