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Enterprise features and API's

Dyzio’s enterprise solutions built for platforms

We’ll work with you to take the dyzio platform, and create something for your business that is truly bespoke, with custom features that are built to provide all the metrics and measurements you need to keep track of your influencer marketing activities.

An expert team to support your requirements

Dyzio offers a range of enterprise features and APIs, enabling you to build new reports and dashboards, bringing your influencer marketing data right to the foreground - or build custom campaign report templates, so you can feed your campaign data directly into a bespoke and branded design.

Dyzio’s enterprise features include:

  • Developer APIs creating new data formats and dashboards
  • 3rd party API integration to provide deeper campaign insights
  • Future-ready with ability to integrate new social networks or platforms
  • Request custom report templates and features developed to meet specific enterprise needs
  • White-label platform with your logo, visual identity and sub-domain

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Does Dyzio have a public API available?

Yes, through Dyzio’s API you can create and track influencer campaigns direct from your own platform. For more information please book a demo so we can discuss your requirements with our technical team.

Can I get access to a sandbox environment for the API?

Yes, but you will need to discuss your tracking requirements with our team, so we can provide the right solution to fit your needs. Please book a demo and we can get you set-up and started.

Are custom features and reports available?

Yes, we can build custom features and reports, based on your design and requirements. These are priced on application.

What's the pricing for the API?

Please book a call with our team and we can provide pricing, based on your requriements.
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