March: Top 5 influencer marketing campaigns you need to know about

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From influencer marketing campaigns raising awareness about underage drinking (Diageo) to campaigns hoping to reverse the damage of false beauty standards (Dove), March has seen a month full of inspiring campaigns looking to make a positive impact.

Incase you’ve missed the campaigns, here’s a quick round up where we take a look back on our favourite campaigns this March!

Dove – #TurnYourBack on Bold Glamour

The influencer-led campaign is aimed to bring people to stand together and turn their backs to harmful beauty filters such as the ‘Bold Glamour’ TikTok filter. There are increasing concerns these type of beauty filters are promoting users to undergo actual cosmetic surgery to achieve their filtered look.

The Bold Glamour filter presents a concerning ideal of ‘beauty’ – one that looks too real. In the first seven days of launching, the hashtag has been viewed more than 618M times!

According to research by Dove, 28% of girls in the US say they can’t live up to the beauty standards that influencers project on social media, and 80% say they have already applied a filter or used a retouching app to change the way they look. 

Content creators such as @kellyhoppen, @miahcarter, @rikkisandhuu and @nadyaokamoto are sharing how they personally feel about the filter and the damage it can do to social users.

The influencer-led campaign will continue to roll out with additional large scale digital content. 

Diageo – #DRINKIQ

Diageo launched a new influencer-led campaign on the dangers of underage drinking following research revealing 71% of young people between the ages of 11-15 have said that parents and carers are the main source of alcohol. 

The four influencers involved in the initiative are @father_of_daughters, @xdebbietowiex, @daddyanddad and @jhealthjaveno. The influencers have been carefully selected because of their ability to reach and engage the key target audience, with compelling content that communicates a powerful underage drinking message. 

The influencers represent a wide variety of ages, backgrounds and family experiences, ensuring the campaign message resonates with a broad audience. They have also been chosen because of their personal insights into family life and managing the challenges of guiding and supporting young people in their life choices.

Sprite – Zero Sugar

Sprite Zero Sugar is making a big splash in 2023 with its first-ever global marketing campaign and a bold packaging graphics makeover. 

“Gen Z-ers lead busy, on-the-go lives and have very little tolerance for distractions or anything they consider to be non-essential,” said Aaliyah Shafiq Ely, Sparkling Flavors Category Lead. “They want to bypass things they don’t have time or energy for and cut straight to the good stuff. That’s essentially what Sprite Zero Sugar does by delivering the essentials of crisp flavor and nothing more.”

The campaign has been turbo charged by influencers @Perrishoward and @Imdrebrown to convey this message by adding their own personal twist.

Heinz x Absolut – #AbsolutelyHeinz

Gigi Hadid’s take on penne alla vodka took off on TikTok in 2020, leading to a surge in social users looking to try the dish.

Heinz has teamed up with Absolut Vodka for a limited-edition range of pasta sauces meaning if you haven’t tried the dish, now is your chance! The campaign will be supported by influencer activity from a range of foodie-influencers such as @goodmoodxgoodfood, @kristinacooksit and @journeyofafitnessnurse.

Guinness – Make it a St. Patrick’s Day to Remember

Guinness 0.0 has launched its biggest ever responsible drinking campaign, to encourage people to Make it a St. Patrick’s Day to Remember’. Guinness quickly caught onto a TikTok micro-trend of singing beer foam and turned it into an alcohol-free St. Patty’s Day ad.

The campaign has been developed to communicate a message of moderation, and to encourage consumers to try the non-alcoholic beer, with 50,000 free pints of Guinness 0.0 being made available across Ireland over the course of St. Patrick’s weekend.

Creators including @mancavebartender have also jumped on the #SingingGuinness trend which has already reached 3M views on TikTok.

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