5 Jewellery brands succeeding at influencer gifting

Based on Dyzio’s advanced data and analytics platform, we have monitored and tracked influencer activity of forty jewellery brands between August – November and compared their overall campaign performance, the impact of specific influencer partnerships, and the earned media value.   

Earned Media Value (EMV) can be used to evaluate the earned social impact of individual marketing campaigns and benchmark brands within the competitive landscape. 

Here are the top 10 jewellery brands we monitored between August – November,  ranked by the tracked Earned Media Value. 

nameBRANDInfluencersReachImpressionsEngagementsImpressions EMVEngs. EMV
Astrid & Miyu
Astrid & Miyu9412.8M13.3M491k£132k£49k
Paul Valentine
Paul Valentine287.7M8M141k£80£14k
Regal Rose
Regal Rose253.5M3.7M297k£37k£29k
Monica Vinader
Monica Vinader872.1M2.1M192k£21k£19k
Dylan Oaks
Dylan Oaks1041M1.1M50k£11k£5k
Carat London
Carat London17971k1.1M31k£11k£3k
Ask & Embla
Ask & Embla22650k686k65k£7k£7k
Daisy London
Daisy London11250k276k19k£3k£2k

Below we take a deep dive into the performance of the top 5 brands we monitored, and outline some of their campaign strategies and key learnings from each.

#1 Astrid and Miyu

Loved for their delicate collections, Astrid and Miyu has quickly become one of the fastest-growing brands in the UK by employing influencer gifting into their marketing strategy to enhance brand awareness. Astrid and Miyu’s influencer campaigns primarily focus on establishing connections with nano and micro-influencers across Instagram and TikTok to reach niche audiences. 

For example, lifestyle micro-influencer @hannahkennie with a following of 42,000 on Instagram, stands out as the most active contributor to Astrid and Miyu content and has also achieved the highest for the brand on Instagram. Hannah’s efforts have resulted in an impressive 109,634 impressions,  28,235 engagement and £4,000 in earned media value. By partnering with micro-influencers who cater to specific niches, Astrid and Miyu can effectively tap into distinct communities that closely align with their brand identity. 

Overall, through 94 influencers, Astrid and Miyu’s gifting campaign generated:

  •  13.4 million reach 
  • 14 million impressions 
  • 502,000 engagements
  • £190,898 in earned media value

#2 Purelei

Purelei places strong emphasis on leveraging influencer gifting as a key strategy to drive sales and enhance their social status. Initially, their influencer partnerships were geared towards associating with high-profile influencers who have a high following to enhance their social status and expand their reach. 

One notable collaboration was with fashion macro-influencer, Jaqueline Vaazzola. Jaqueline included Purelei’s jewellery into nearly every piece of her content. Her consistent mentions and tags of Purelei contributed to the amplification of Purelei’s brand recognition and social status. 

Community building 

Purelei’s influencer strategy evolved to prioritising influencers whose values and content aligned closely with the brand’s identity, particularly focusing on the fashion niche. This allowed them to foster a sense of community and build trust among their followers. 

The brand adopted a versatile approach, collaborating with a variety of micro influencers to connect with niche audiences while also working with macro-influencers to expand brand awareness and elevate their social status across social media. 

For example, Purelei partnered with lifestyle micro-influencer @selinaliberatone who posted an unboxing video on TikTok and received 20,873 reach, 21,000 impressions, 456 engagements and a total earned media value of £250. 

Through monitoring their activity via Dyzio’s data analytics platform, Purelei’s influencer collaborations, primarily on TikTok, generated overall: 

  • 9.1 million in reach
  • 9.6 million impressions
  • 113,000 engagements 
  • £106,000 in earned media value

#3 Paul Valentine

Paul Valentine, a distinguished watch and jewellery brand, has created a dynamic influencer gifting strategy that spans a diverse spectrum of influencers across various niches. Their campaigns include partnerships with influencers within the beauty, fashion, lifestyle and even motherhood niche. This strategy is strategically designed to resonate with a wide ranging community of influencers, enabling Paul Valentine to extend its brands reach. 

Paul Valentine’s influencer outreach is not limited to a single platform; instead, they engage with both micro and macro-influences on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. With this approach, they are well-positioned to harness the unique strengths and demographics of each platform to maximise their brands exposure and impact.

One successful influencer from their campaign is the collaboration with micro-influencer @aimenmeta1, who is known for her motherhood-related content. This partnership proceeded to be clever and successful with Paul Valentine as @aimeenmet1’s audience is primarily other mothers in the similar age bracket. This collaboration generated a reach of 14,000 15,000 impressions, 3,110 engagements, and resulted in substantial £200 in earned media value.

Looking at the overall campaign performance in Dyzio, Paul Valentine’s influencer gifting campaigns have delivered outstanding performance, achieving an overall:

  • 7.8 million reach
  • 8.1 million impressions
  • 145,000 engagements
  • £95,000 in earned media value. 

#4 Regal Rose

Regal Rose, a unique alternative jewellery brand, skillfully leverages influencer gifting as a fundamental component of their marketing strategy. They engage in collaborations with influencers spanning all tiers and interests, from nano to micro, macro and even mega influencers across Instagram and TikTok.

This multi-tiered approach enables them to strategically target audiences with highly niche interests, which include enthusiasts of alternative fashion, alternative lifestyles, makeup artists, and nail artists. By engaging with a wide range of influencer partnerships, Regal Rose ensures that their brand resonates with a diverse range of potential customers, effectively broadening their reach. 

Engaging with a multi-tiered approach

One of their standout successes with their influencer campaign is their collaboration with active makeup artist @annalingis, a TikTok micro-influencer with a following of 28,000 specialising in alternative makeup. The results of this partnership reached 590,000, 36,000 engagements and £10,000 in earned media value. This highlights Regal Rose’s ability of partnering with micro-influencers with a particular niche and leveraging the power of TikTok and authenticity to deliver impressive results. 

Another standout influencer was @oatmilkmakeup, a TikTok macro-influencer with a following of 161,000. The results of this partnership are impressive, with @oatmilkmakeup achieving 574,000 in reach and impressions, 94,455 engagements and an earned media value of £15,000. This showcases the brands ability in aligning their products with influencers who can authentically connect with their audience, driving both brand awareness and engagement. 

Regal Rose’s influence campaigns have delivered great results, delivering:

  • A reach of 3.6 million
  • 3.8 million impressions
  • 300,000 engagements 
  • £60,000 in earned media value 

Regal Rose’s highlight the use of engaging with a dynamic strategy to enhance brand awareness and engagement in alternative jewellery. 

#5 Bohomoon

Bohomoon, has developed a gifting strategy that effectively leverages both Instagram and TikTok to expand their reach and connect with a diverse audience. Their approach includes a spectrum of influencers including both micro and macro-influences, allowing them to tap into various niches and engage with a wide array of potential customers. 

Engaging with a diverse community 

An aspect of Bohomoon’s influence strategy is their emphasis on utilising a diverse range of influencers. While they predominantly collaborate with nail artists, they also extend their reach by partnering with fashion influencers and even reality TV stars like @lydiakarax from Love Island. This diversity in influencer selection not only broadens their target demographic but also keeps their content fresh and appealing to different segments of their audience. 

Bohomoon accumulated an overall, from the activity we monitored:

  •  3.3 million reach
  •  3.4 million impressions 
  • 315,000 engagements
  • £36,000 in earned media value. 

One of the standout successes in Bohomoon’s influencer gifting activity, is the collaboration with @glossytipped. Cerisie (@glossytipped) who has 163,000 followers, managed to achieve 2 million reach and 130,000 engagements. What’s more impressive, is that her TikTok post featured a Hallowen-inspired nail design, along with Bohomoon’s jewellery, which showcases the brand’s ability to work with influencers who can effectively merge their products into engaging and relevant content. This post was responsible for generating nearly £33,000 in earned media value. 

Bohomoon recently introduced an influencer collection featuring Lauren Candy, a macro-influencer known for her fashion and lifestyle content on TikTok. With an impressive following of 333,000 followers, this collaboration marks a strategic shift towards engaging with larger influencers to further enhance their brand presence and outreach. This demonstrates Bohomoon’s adaptability in refining their influencer strategy to align with evolving trends in influencer marketing. 

Key takeaways

  • Engaging with diverse influencers through influencer gifting is an effective strategy to reach a wide range of audiences with various niche interests, to increase brand awareness and appeal. All five brands have proved adopting a multi-tiered approach results in significant reach, engagement, and earned media value for their jewellery brands. 
  • Earned media value provides a quantifiable measure of an influencer gifting campaign’s success. It can help assess the return on investment, enabling brands to determine which influencers are generating the most value and engagement for their products. 
  • By identifying the top-performing influencers in your gifting campaigns, by using EMV, brands can strategically allocate resources to boost and promote their content on Instagram. This could involve creating deeper paid partnerships with these influencers, or investing in boosting the influencers’ content, via paid media on Meta or TikTok.

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