New Feature: Tracking Instagram Stories Data

The rise of Instagram stories in Brand deals

Instagram Stories are now often included as part of the overall content package that influencers offer to brands, when working on a new campaign. That’s for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, due to Instagram Stories including a mix of multiple slides, videos, images and graphics – there is a lot of creative freedom and the format makes it easier for the influencer to build a compelling narrative, linked to a brand’s product.

Secondly, the Stories are only available for 24 hours, so they don’t clog up the Influencer’s Instagram feed with paid-for content, which doesn’t look great if an influencer has multiple deals landing at the same time.

So it’s now common for a whole bunch of Stories to be bundled into a deal between a Brand an Influencer, often linked to a branded video or post that the Influencer creates on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

But there’s a catch

the data is hard to get hold of and is usually shared via a range of screen shots from the Insights screen in the Influencer’s Instagram app. This is time consuming, easy to get wrong and is not a scalable tracking solution.

dyzio can now track all your Instagram Stories linked to your campaigns, as soon as they go live – no more hassle and live Stories data at your fingertips!

Example of Instagram Stories data and media, captured by dyzio
Example of Instagram Stories data and media, captured by dyzio

Using dyzio to track live Instagram Stories

To track Instagram Stories from Influencers you are working with, follow these steps:

  1. Set-up a new ‘Automated Influencer Campaign’ in dyzio and add the campaign hashtag or @mention that you plan to use for the campaign
  2. Add your influencers who are part of the campaign, from your ‘My Influencers’ database
  3. Request influencer authentication (via a dyzio campaign invitation) – this is required to track Stories data
  4. Brief the influencers to use the campaign hashtag or @mention in the description of the Story

Once the influencers are authenticated, dyzio will scan their Instagram accounts daily, add only the relevant Stories and track the data. The data and media are available in the campaign dashboard or a range of different shareable reports.

Data available from Instagram is: Impressions / Reach / Taps Forward / Taps Back / Replies / & Exits