Rapidly scale and automate your influencer gifting program with Dyzio Shopfluence

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    Dyzio Shopfluence offers a range of powerful features that enable you to automate, track, and scale your gifting program

    Save time and do more

    Offload hours of manual tasks to improve campaign efficiency, helping you achieve more in a shorter amount of time.

    Rapidly scale your program

    Fully automated process enables you to rapidly scale your gifting program - distribute 1,000s of gifts a month.

    Grow your eCommerce sales

    Scale your program, track all your social and Shopify data in one place and watch the orders come in.

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    So how does Dyzio Shopfluence work?

    Automated process and communications

    A series of customised emails are automatically distributed to your influencers, to ensure each stage of the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

    Self service

    Your influencers can select and order their gifts direct from your store, so all shipping can be handled via your normal channels.

    Data at your fingertips

    Analyse social and sales data in real-time, gaining valuable insights into the performance of your gifting campaigns and identify which influencers drive the most growth.

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