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How Abbott Lyon rapidly scaled their influencer gifting program from 100 influencers to 1,000 influencers under two months.

Leading jewellery brand, Abbott Lyon, faced significant challenges scaling and managing their influencer gifting program across TikTok and Instagram in both the UK and US

The challenge

Abbott Lyon were going through a time consuming process by manually communicating with influencers, distributing 100 unique discount codes and gifts a month, and searching for influencer content and selected Dyzio Shopfluence to help solve this problem.

Our solution

To address these challenges, Abbott Lyon partnered with Dyzio Shopfluence and undertook several key actions to transform their influencer gifting program.

Group 10

Campaign management

Integrated Abbott Lyon’s Shopify store with Dyzio Shopfluence enabling influencers to seamlessly select and purchase their gifts directly from Abbott Lyon’s e-commerce platform.
Implemented a personalised, white-label sign-up form which would sit on Abbott Lyons website or social brand channels where influencers could sign-up to Abbott Lyons gifting program through a series of questions related to the brands values.

Automated emails and
discount code distribution

Implemented a series of automated, white-labelled emails powered by Dyzio Shopfluence. Each influencer received personalised communication, including unique discount codes directly from their Shopify store, content briefs, and posting reminders.

Content tracking
and monitoring

Monitored and tracked every piece of content produced by Abbott Lyon’s influencers and automatically uploaded into Abbott Lyons dashboard providing real-time insights into the performance of the influencers.

The results


Abbott Lyon scaled their gifting program from 100 influencers a month to 1,000 influencers a month.

hours saved

By automating the influencer gifting process, Abbott Lyon freed up valuable time, allowing them to focus on more strategic and essential tasks like influencer search.

pieces of content

Generated over 2,000 pieces of influencer-created content, providing abundant material for repurposing on Abbott Lyon’s brand channels.

custom reports

Over 2,000 pieces of content were tracked and generated into live custom reports to evaluate best performing influencers.

global campaigns

Successfully automated multiple influencer gifting campaigns across TikTok and Instagram in both the UK and US.

Overall, Dyzio Shopfluence not only resolved Abbott Lyon’s challenges but also led to significant improvements in efficiency, content generation, and overall campaign success.


Here at Abbott Lyon, we run a gifted programme across our key territories to generate meaningful and authentic partnerships with influencers on a mass scale. We have been running the gifted programme for over 18 months, 12 months of this time were spent manually working with our influencers. Since introducing Dyzio’s platform in May 2023, we have been able to transform our programme and working relationship with our influencers to become a much more self-sufficient, successful gifting programme.


Manually running our programme was inefficient and restricted us from expanding due to the time consuming process – internally ordering and communicating with each influencer individually, hand-holding them through each campaign. There was little time to find new talent and review the content of existing collaborations.


Now, working with Dyzio has meant we have a fully automated, scalable, user-friendly platform that allows us to capture all content in one place, along with data-driven insights to monitor performance. Due to working closely with Dyzio to build an automated programme, we have been able to scale our programme by 3x fold as well as introduce influencers from new social media channels.


From simple onboarding of influencers through the personalised sign up forms, to automated unique discount codes allowing influencers to have more control over their own orders, Dyzio has proven to be an essential tool for any brand looking to optimise its influencer programme. It’s an efficient solution that has positively impacted our time management, influencer engagement, and overall program effectiveness. We endorse Dyzio as a game-changer in the realm of influencer marketing.

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Chris Bolter

Head of Global Influencer Marketing and Brand Partnerships

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