Campaign Tracking Automation

Tracking influencer marketing campaigns is complex.

Campaign data is captured in spreadsheets, so it’s time consuming and quickly out of date. Tracking authenticated data, like demographics or instagram stories, is managed via sharing screen shots. This process is not scalable or in real-time.

Dyzio automates the process of tracking authenticated influencer marketing campaign data at scale, providing real-time insights and reports.

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Automated Influencer Campaign

Simply create your campaign, add the hashtag or @mention and then add the influencers you want to track.

Dyzio will automatically scan the influencers’ profiles and add the relevant posts and stories and track the data in real-time.


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View and share campaign reports

Once your automated campaign is set-up, view real-time post and stories data in the campaign dashboard.

Choose from a number of pre-defined report templates, share reports with your colleagues or clients, or download the data to a CSV file.

Add influencer fees, to keep track of your budget and influencer ROI (e.g. cost per engagement / cost per impression).

Through campaign tracking automation and improved data visibility and transparency, dyzio enables you to focus on increasing your return on investment.



Q. How do you measure influencer marketing campaigns?

Through dyzio you can measure campaign effectiveness in a number of ways..

#1: Establish Campaign Reach via Followers, video views, post/stories impressions & reach
#2: Measure Campaign Engagement via Clicks, Likes, Reactions, Saves, Taps Forwards
#3: Understand Audience Engagement by viewing demographic data from Facebook and Youtube videos
#4: Analyze click through data via Bit’ly URL tracking

Q. How do you measure ROI of influencer marketing?

There are a number of ways of measuring ROI for influencer marketing campaigns, including: awareness, engagement, sentiment and sales. Have a read of our blog post which talks through each of these campaign objectives and how to track them.

Q. How do you measure an influencer’s engagement rate?

Engagement rates can be calculated on dyzio as follows:

Video posts: Reactions+Comments+Shares/Views
Image posts: Likes+Comments/Reach