Influencer Tools to support your Business

Dyzio provides a set of tools that enable you to create and manage your own private influencer network and keep track of all your influencer activities in one place. You can build your own database, create sharable reports in minutes, or request a complete white label solution - dyzio has it covered.

My Influencers database

Build your private influencer database

Build and manage your own private influencer database on dyzio. Track latest subscriber numbers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch. Capture basic profile information, view their latest posts and statistics and search your database using filters and tags.

Already have a spreadsheet of influencers you track? No problem, we can import these for you. 



Share influencer shortlists

From your private database, create and share influencer shortlists with your colleagues or clients. Add your preferred influencers for a new campaign, include their rates and agreed deliverables - then share the list for approval, simple.

Influencer shortlists

Influencer statistics

Track influencer posts in seconds

Fed up hunting around to find the latest influencer post statistics, which are then out of date tomorrow? With dyzio's new campaign dashboard, just add the post URL from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, then check-in everyday to see your live campaign report.

Want to include rich insights data - like impression, reach and demographics? Quickly add this data by requesting influencer authentication, or adding the data manually to your reports.



Influencer reports made easy!

Once you've added all your influencer posts, you're ready to start sharing reports with your colleagues or clients. See the latest data when you view the reports, choose from a number of pre-defined report templates, download the data or share the report via dyzio's shareable links - no dyzio login required to view share reports.

Influencer reports

white label influencer platform

Enterprise features to fit your needs

We offer a range of enterprise features to support your specific business requirements - from custom reports, to API integration from your website (create your own authenticated influencer network), to custom features, to a fully white labelled report or platform.