An in-depth case study, in collaboration with James Plumb, Paid and Earned Media Manager at Evolution (

James, handles paid social media campaigns, Influencer relationships and collaborations, both paid and organic. He is also responsible for feeding back reviews, end-user comments and sentiment derived from influencer activity, to help shape the coming generation of innovative products.

What is Evolution?

Evolution as a company prides itself on innovation, driven by value & performance. We specialise in steel fabrication power tools and multi-material cutting technology. We provide everything from saw blades and consumables all the way to specialised tools for concrete, steel and multi-material cutting.

How do you use influencers to support your marketing activities at Evolution?

Our main objectives for our Influencer activity is brand awareness in new and emerging market territories. We work with over 600 influencers who receive, review, recommend and utilise our tools in video content (primarily on YouTube) as well as static imagery and written reviews on blogs and social media channels. We recruit Influencers who create content in multiple languages including: English (UK & North American), Spanish, French, Russian, Romanian, Polish and a selection of other European languages in smaller quantities.

We encourage direct customer response through our influencer campaigns by arming influencers with a full suite of links to 3rd party & territory-specific retailers, where our products can be purchased. As well as linking directly to Amazon A+ pages.

After online retailer exposure, YouTube is our number 2 source of driving brand awareness and purchases when customers were asked “where did you learn about Evolution Power Tools”.

What tools do you use to support your influencer marketing campaigns?

Our primary tools for implementing our campaigns are Dyzio and a free CRM software called HighriseCRM. We utilise Dyzio for tracking assets created by our influencers, as well as tracking their social statistics and growth rate. It also serves as a quick searchable database and allows us to tag and pull information quickly and accurately. This means we can mobilise campaigns quickly with the right influencers in the right territories. We use Highrise as a contact centre that stores our email conversations. All our tags in Dyzio are matched in Highrise, making them work together pretty much seamlessly, despite the fact they operate independently from one another.

Why did you choose dyzio to support the management of your influencer marketing campaigns?

Primarily because of the content tracking abilities. We are KPI’d on product exposure (views/impressions), and Dyzio gives us this insight at the click of a button. It’s quick to set up campaigns and easy to filter by platform or influencer. The tagging system allows us to see a history for each influencer and understand what tools they have already, what content they have created and how their content is performing.

How do you use dyzio to support your influencer activities?

Once we discover or identify a new influencer, we input their details into Dyzio and build out their profile. Dyzio will then automatically track and rank them. It helps us decide whether or not they are worth engaging, contacting and collaborating with.

That profile is then taken to HighriseCRM and contacted. Once an agreement has been reached, an order fulfilled and content created its really easy to see the Influencer posts, profiles and data. That influencer and piece of content is then added to a territory-specific campaign (often based around language spoken in the content), Dyzio will then continue to track statistics on that asset until we tell it to stop. This means we can look at the exposure gained in Spain, France, UK, US etc at the click of a button.

Can you share an example of a successful campaign?

Campaign name: Spanish AD19
Campaign objective: Brand awareness via product reviews on YouTube
Number of influencers: 38
Data tracked via dyzio: 57 posts / videos

What benefits did you gain from using dyzio for this campaign:
In order to support a new 3rd party retailer and client relationship we were KPI’d to generate 400,000 views in Spain on content featuring 7 tools that were new to the Spanish market. Working with Dyzio allowed us to quickly rank our Influencer prospects, organise a bank of content, tag it (allowing us to repurpose it for paid media campaigns in the future) and track its progress in terms of views and engagements. This current campaign has generated 1.5 million views to date, all data tracked and reported via Dyzio.