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    Automate, track, and scale your gifting program with Shopfluence.

    We know it’s hard to switch to new Influencer Marketing software, that’s why we’ve created a FREE trial of Shopfluence, so you can start scaling your gifting program with no risk or major time commitment.


    Most brands are working with mid size influencers in their ambassador program, Shopfluence allows you to work with 1,000s of micro-influencers to build a really strong influencer community from the ground up.


    The free trial is totally self contained, it can run alongside your current influencer activity, and our team will even find and manage a small group of influencers and track and analyse the results. The only cost to you is the product that you gift to the influencers.


    Here’s what’s included in your FREE trial…

    Free one month trial

    Shopfluence one-month free trial, no credit card and no commitment.

    20 Micro-influencers

    We'll find and recruit 20 influencers to kick-start your gifting program.

    Reporting and Analysis

    Live tracking and full report at the end of the trial, identifying your best performing influencers.

    Dyzio Shopofluence - resource image

    Dyzio's FREE guide to scaling your influencer gifting program

    Learn how Dyzio can streamline your influencer gifting efforts all with one tool!

    So how does Dyzio Shopfluence work?

    Product Distribution

    - Unique codes sent to each influencer so they can order their free gift.
    - Automated influencer email outreach, to share unique codes and creative brief
    - Tracks when influencers have ordered their gift from your store
    - Chases the influencers until they order

    Content Production Phase

    - Reminds influencers to create content once their gift is shipped
    - Chases the influencers until the content is posted
    - Tracks all influencers' social content including Stories and TikTok

    Reporting and Analysis

    - View daily reports that provide real time campaign performance
    - Using tools like our EMV report you can easily identify your top performers
    - Use these learnings to refine your influencers, keep the best ones and find more like them

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