My Influencers

My Influencers

Build and manage your own influencer database, so you and your colleagues
can keep track of all your influencer details, rate their performance and invite
them to collaborate on new campaigns – viewable across your whole


Build your database

Build and manage your own influencer database by adding your influencers’ details into dyzio, either by a spreadsheet import or adding them individually.

Populate influencer profiles

Add influencer details, including their social data and contact details to have all their important information at your fingertips. You can also tag them by their content and the brands they’ve worked with, so you can quickly search and filter your influencers.


Read and leave notes

Influencer notes and ratings allow you and your team to understand the existing relationships you have with influencers, their performance on previous campaigns and how you rate them.

View their latest content

You can see an influencer’s latest content across their dffierent channels, helping you understand whether they’re a good fit for your campaign.


Core Features

My Influencers

Build and manage your own influencer database, so you and your…

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