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So how do you engage a young female audience, in the UK or US? Well look no further than Youtube stars, Rose & Rosie. Their first collaboration was in 2012 and over the last 5 years they've built up a loyal and growing fanbase (1.3m Youtube subscribers between them!), so they really understand how to create engaging and just damn funny content - both their own and also for brands.

They took some time out of their hectic schedules (they've just finished a live tour across the UK) to talk to dyzio about what they do, how they do it and most importantly how to make great content for brands (great examples included). Please enjoy and leave comments below...

So for those folks who don’t know who you are - please introduce yourselves?

Hi Guys! We’re Rose and Rosie, two British Youtubers! We are playful, excitable and one of us is considerably smarter than the other. On our main channel we make comedy videos, which can range from anything to sitting down on the sofa for a little light hearted chit-chat, to whacking out our guitar and making up spontaneous, out of tune songs. We’re a married couple, so things like challenges and tags can get highly competitive and we love to spar off each other. We also have a vlogging channel and a gaming channel. Combined, we have over a million subscribers! Our tagline is ‘Better than most channels’ and I truly feel we live up to this. 

What are the key ingredients that go into Rose & Rosie video?

Humour, banter and fun. We don’t believe anyone goes onto YouTube to get sad, and we love to entertain. This means we can get really creative with our brand deals. Our favourite thing is delivering a serious message in a lighthearted way, which means people don’t get turned off and stop listening. 

What’s the one Rose & Rosie video that you recommend we watch today?

Why watch one, when you can binge watch them all? But if we HAD to choose….


How would you best describe your fans and followers?

Extremely loyal. We have an incredibly close relationship with our subscribers and followers and we put a lot of effort into interacting with them. It’s great because we know what videos will work really well, as we know their likes and dislikes. Our core audience is female, and aged 15-24 and our main demographic is split between the US and the UK. 

What are the highs and lows of sharing your lives together on Youtube?

The highs are being able to create content we enjoy and sharing our voices with the world! Bringing people together has certainly been one of the most rewarding outcomes. The opportunities that have stemmed from creating content on YouTube have been incredible! Whether it’s travelling the world, interviewing A list celebrities, live touring or meeting our fanbase face to face, there truly isn’t a part of YouTube that we don’t love.

Any regrets (I wish we hadn’t posted that - or vice versa)?

None! As we develop and evolve, we learn from mistakes we may have made in the past, but these mistake have been small (and usually technical) and a learning curve that we don’t regret experiencing. Perhaps we’re some of the fortunate ones who haven’t experienced any form of content backlash during our online careers!

How far ahead do you plan your videos and where does the creative spark come from?

We mix it up when it comes to planning - some of our favourite videos have been simply setting up the camera and sitting down with a cup of tea. We are spontaneous and enjoy going with the flow of the video! However, we also enjoy sitting down and planning some great videos for the future. It’s also fun working with a brand because it makes us think outside the box! I believe our creativity literally comes from bouncing off each other and going with it! Brand videos give us a nice opportunity to think differently about how to deliver a message. We see it as a creative challenge and have the reputation of making brand advertising equally as enjoyable for the viewer as our regular uploads.

What brands are on your ‘I’d die to work with them’ wish list?

Reebok, Starbucks, Cadburys, Topshop, ASOS, Converse, PlayStation, Google, Sky, Sony, 

Do you have a favourite video, that you’ve created with a brand?

Here are a few of our faves!

Any tips on how to make an authentic branded video, that your fans will love?

Be straight up and honest about what you’re promoting! Be clear and be creative! There has to be an incentive for the audience to watch through to the the end. It’s essential that you create engaging content surrounding your campaign, but above all else, be original. 

How do you balance your time between creating new content, raising your profile and other business ventures?

We find that by focusing on our content, the rest seems to come hand in hand! It’s very important to balance your focus, but we must not forget that most opportunities we’ve had have stemmed from being online. Time management is an incredibly important practice and absolutely imperative to sustain an impactful online presence. Having a content schedule and ideas on the back burner helps organise the weeks ahead in terms of knowing what to upload and when to film it.

Any new projects on the horizon, that we should watch out for?

The next 12 months are absolutely jam packed! We love being busy and we’re currently in the process of filming a feature length documentary, writing a book, touring the U.S., preparing for a live Christmas stage show in the UK, adding new lines to our merchandise range and at some point, starting the baby making process!

Where can people find you or get in contact?

You can talk directly to our manager, Mark Denby through

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