Create Influencer Marketing Reports in Minutes.

influencer marketing reports

Are you and your team spending hours each week trawling through social networks and updating spreadsheets to produce Influencer marketing reports? dyzio can now do all this for you - with 100% accuracy and up-to-date data - with these 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Create a new campaign in dyzio and add the influencers you're working with (you don't need to invite them to the platform)

Step 2. Add the campaign post URLs you want to track (from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)

Step 3. View campaign reports with live data and share them with clients or colleagues - no login required

It's that easy! 

Here's a quick overview of how it works.

Step 1: Create a new campaign and add your influencers

Sign-up for a free dyzio account, log-in, then create a new campaign and add the influencers you're working with on this campaign to your private database. If you're just looking to create a new report there's no need to invite them to join dyzio. If you want to request access to their private channel data, you can invite them at a later date.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 13.44.45.png

Step 2: Quickly add the social posts you want to track

Add the links for each campaign post you want to track. dyzio can track influencer or social posts (video or image based) from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. You can also manually add Snapchat and Instagram stories - so everything is captured on one place.

dyzio also let's you confirm that you're adding the right post, right within the app.

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Step 3: View campaign data and share the reports

View the live data in your campaign dashboard, filter by channel or influencer and sort by views, engagements or other key metrics. 

You can also share a number of reports with clients or colleagues, just copy and share the link and away you go, no login is required for them to view the reports. Plus when they click on the link, the data in the reports is always up to date.

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Custom reports available

If you have specific internal or client reporting needs, we can create custom reports based on your requirements and add them as new templates to the platform.

Want to see dyzio reports in action - then pls request a demo

If you'd like to see how dyzio can save you hours of  each month, then please book a quick demo and we'll be in touch today.