Create and share influencer shortlists with dyzio

influencer shortlists

New Dyzio Feature: Influencer Shortlists

We're happy to announce that you can now create and share influencer shortlists on dyzio, making it easy to create, propose and approve influencers, before the campaign and creative process kicks off.

From your 'My Influencers' database you can now search, filter and add influencers to a new shortlist. This shortlist can then be used to share a list of influencers that you'd like to propose for a new campaign, with either your internal teams or externally to a client.

Filter your private influencer database

Anyone in your organisation can access your private 'My Influencers' database on dyzio, then filter or search to find relevant influencers that fit your campaign brief. Search by name; content or brand tags; social media channel and reach - then select the influencers you want to add to a new shortlist.

Create a new shortlist in a couple of clicks

Now you can simply create a 'new shortlist' or add new influencers to an 'existing shortlist' - one click and it's done.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 14.11.04.png

Easy to add notes & share

Give your shortlist a great name and add some general notes to support your recommendation. Then add notes to support each proposed influencer. Now your shortlist is ready to share with a team-mate or client and it's simple to remove or add new influencers in real time.

Simple review & approval

Clients or team members can access the shortlist via a link you've shared (no login required), then review your proposal and approve or reject each influencer. Boom - now you're ready to engage with the approved influencers and get the campaign up and running.


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