Social media stars agree to declare when they post #ads


This week the BBC published an article, which discussed how sixteen social media stars have agreed to change how they post online. The article did not confirm whether the influencers had breached any consumer law, but confirmed, following an investigation, that all of them had volunteered to change their practices, when working and creating posts with brands.

The social influencer advertising guidelines have been in place for some time, but with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) clamping down on social influencers, it's never been more important to adhere to the rules, when running influencer marketing campaigns. The CMA recently said that influencers and celebrities are required under consumer protection law to let their followers know when they’ve been paid to promote, review or talk about a product, and if they’re found to be breaking the law, it will take action.

It's also easier than ever to keep within the guidelines, as social media platforms (including Instagram and YouTube) already have built-in tools that enable influencers to highlight if the post is a paid promotion.

At Dyzio, we've created a simple feature that helps marketers and agencies quickly see if an influencer's post includes either a #ad (or #spon / #partner) in the post description or is marked as a 'Paid Promotion' on Instagram - giving them a visual guide to see if these tags have been added to each post.

The influencer and their client are still responsible for ensuring that the paid-for, sponsored or gifted content conforms to the rules, but this is a quick and easy way to see if the post doesn't have these notifications added.

Dyzio campaign report - including #ad tool

Dyzio campaign report - including #ad tool


If you'd like to brush up on the guidelines in the UK and US here are a few articles worth reading:



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